We are SEO consultants

… but first of all, we are a great team from Florence (Italy) who love working together.

Over the years, to help us in our work, we have created some very useful tools for seo and marketing.

When possible we’re happy to release some of them publicly, and that’s why you landed here. Welcome.

About Suggest Machine

Suggest Machine is a useful long tail keywords generator based on Google Suggests.

How it may help you?

If Search were an iceberg, most keywords tools focus on the tip.

Premium keywords research tools (like Ahrefs, Semrush and others) are great (we use it every day), but they perform much better on short/medium-tail keywords than on long-tail queries.

Suggest Machine may help you in digging into the immerged part of the Search iceberg. For free.

Is this enough to start a long tail SEO strategy?

Suggest Machine can be a very useful first step to get a large list of keywords related to a topic.

But why do you need a great list of keywords ?

User queries are not just “keywords you may rank for”, at the first place, user queries are a gold mine informations.

When users search on Google they’re not just typing keywords, they’re expressing specific needs, interests, problems.

Clustering those search queries will help you to better understand your market.

Suggest Machine can even help you to find good keywords easy to rank for, but honestly it shouldn’t be your first goal, what you should focus on is understanding searches in your business topic.

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